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Adam Brenner discusses the saxophone.

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The saxophone and saxophone instruments have been around for a long time and people worldwide are looking for information on where to learn to play saxophone and how and where to buy a pro saxophone or a vintage saxophone.

The saxophone is one of the most popular and well-loved instruments. There is quite a lot of interest in finding out everything from which is the best saxophone made to whether or not someone should be looking for a pro saxophone for his or her child’s first instrument or just get a used or vintage instrument.  If you are thinking about getting your first sax you may be wondering what saxophone prices are like these days and if you would do better to get a cheap saxophone or to buy a really good quality new one that may have a better re-sale value later on.

These are important questions to ask your self when considering your first saxophone instrument.  There are a great deal of makes and price ranges when it comes to saxophones.  There is the world famous Selmer mark Vl and King saxophones as well as newer brands that have emerged in recent years such as the Jupiter saxophone and Cecilio saxophone brands.

Just as in everything else, you get what you pay for and there are some pretty decent Chinese made and European made instruments that are pretty cheap, they all have some issues as far as long-term durability and sound and pitch problems.

You should consider what type of saxophone playing you will be looking to do, in other words, what kind of musical styles are you most interested in playing.  Are you going to want to play contemporary music or rock-jazz or are you interested in classical saxophone music?
I myself have played jazz and have been most interested in listening and performing classic jazz but have also made a living playing in wedding bands and latin bands as well as rock and funk types of groups.

Certain saxophone instruments lend themselves better than others to a certain kind of style, but most will do fine and be versatile as long as they are quality instruments and have been maintained in good working condition.

Also, any saxophone can and should be maintained and repaired by a professional woodwind repair person regularly.  All saxophones are subject to wear and tear of playing as well as being bumped around a bit in the cases just from being taken from place to place.  Things like pads, springs, corks and felts need replacement and adjustments from time to time.

A good overhaul or re-padding of a tenor saxophone or alto saxophone can cost upwards of $600.00 or 800.00 depending on how much work is needed and who is doing the work.  But a really good instrument that is treated carefully and kept in a safe and sturdy case can be kept in good condition for a long time without the need for major repairs for many years.

I have played almost every brand of saxophone on the market including some of the great vintage saxophones such as the conn saxophone or martin, selmer and king.  I prefer Semer and King pretty much to anything else but it is truly a matter of personal taste and it is very subjective to each individual player.

I have found that after many years of playing professionally and for my own enjoyment, that no one particular saxophone has it all.  But if you do some checking around and do your homework with regard to research, you will find you can get the best saxophone instrument suited to your own needs that will make you happy for a long time.

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