Selmer Saxophone?

I’ve been playing sax for 5 years…and I need a new one. I want a Selmer..but theres different kinds like the La Vie and such..Wich of the Selmers is the better one?

Tenor Saxophone…?

Hey how much would it cost to buy a new tenor saxophone? i have always used the school instrument, but im thinking about buying one. Im not sure how much they usually cost and yeah. so can any1 give me an average price for a new tenor saxophone?

A friend was kind enough to share some photos with me of the saxophone sections of various versions of the Lionel Hampton Orchestra from the 1980′s when I was a member.  I first joined the Lionel Hampton Big Band in 1982 when I had just graduated from Rutgers University.  I started playing 2nd Alto in [...]

Soprano saxophone may not be quite as popular a saxophone as the alto or tenor saxophone, but it still is one of the four most loved of the saxophone family.  The fourth one, of course, is the baritone saxophone. At one point during the 1920s and 1930s the soprano was widely used in jazz and [...]

The tenor saxophone is the most popular and most widely used of all the saxophones in music today.   The  alto saxophone follows behind as a close second to the tenor sax.  The baritone and soprano are also played by many sax players, but they not nearly as popular as alto and tenor saxophones. Here is [...]

Click here for best buys on Alto Saxophones Alto saxophone is perhaps the most popular of all the saxophones and is the choice of many young players as the saxophone to start out on.  The alto is also the focus of most classical saxophonists and as well as one of the most popular of the [...]

How to play saxophone

If you are interested in learning how to play saxophone, here are just a few things to consider.  First off, what kind of sax have you selected from the saxophone family?   Alto, tenor, baritone or soprano saxophone?  The most popular of them are either the tenor saxophone or the alto.  You should also find a [...]

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