As far as one Saxophone being the greatest Saxophone ever made, the debate amongst players continues.  However, over the years, one particular kind of sax has consistently taken the lead as far as a favorite among both Tenor Sax and Alto Sax players. The Selmer Saxophone, particularly the Mark Six (or Mark VI) has dominated [...]

Saxophone Reeds

Saxophone reeds have long been a topic of discussion and a source of frustration for many saxophonists.  Whether it’s alto sax reeds, tenor sax reeds, bari sax reeds, or whatever saxophone, there are about as many preferences as there are players.  What most saxophone players agree on is that it is very difficult to play [...]

Click here for best buys on Alto Saxophones Alto saxophone is perhaps the most popular of all the saxophones and is the choice of many young players as the saxophone to start out on.  The alto is also the focus of most classical saxophonists and as well as one of the most popular of the [...]